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Welcome on the Homepage of the    

Erinnyen (Erinyes)

Magazine Of Materialistic Ethics


We are the bad conscience of capitalism.

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The  Erinnyen No. 21 just published!

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Our Magazine of  Materialistic Ethik

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First information in English. We lead you to our German Web-Sites.

Our Association For Advancement Of Dialectic Thinking. It is care for our internet-performens.

Introduction in Philosophy. 

The proof of pudding is eating.

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The web-address from Bodo Gassmann. He is teacher of philosophy, chairman of our association and editor of the  Erinnyen. 

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Zu unserem Film:

Antifademo in Hannover
gegen den NPD-Landesparteitag am 15.9.07

(Kopieren Sie den Link in Ihren Windows Media Player unter: Datei - URL, dann können Sie bereits während des Herunterladens den Film sehen.)

(Copy this link in your windows media player under: datei - url, then you can watch the film during download.)



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